Team Vidal

Solar Advisor

About Team Vidal

If you are like this power couple, then you desire excellence at every juncture of your project! Here is the solar duo you’ve been searching for. Brandon excels in interactively designing Solar Systems in real time so you can see your solar panels come to life from the very beginning to completion and beyond. Jessica’s secret weapon is personally managing each project, ensuring each project (or design) is on time from start to finish, and is accurate with proven systems in place to keep  clients informed, as she handles each with a white glove approach.

About Brandon

Being a Marine I believe in all-things self-sufficient. Acting as a conduit between people, their families and having energy security for their home is a priceless feeling of gratitude every time. I desire to be a catalyst in people’s lives. Saving them more money in their pockets instead of the utility company means more time for the people and places that need it most.

About Jessica

I love Solar for so many reasons, a few of my highlights would be: guiding families and businesses to best produce their very own natural energy from the sun – a free, always working, clean, energy efficient natural resource, this absolutely brings me joy.  Educating on how to own your energy and have it produce income versus renting it and being subject to unknown costs, no term or contract, no end date, unpredictable fluctuating pricing, all of this is empowering in itself.