Founder of Catalyst Solar

Nick Sarnicola


Having become a self-made decamillionaire by age 35, while leading a 100,000+ person sales force, his innovation of leadership systems and strategies produced high-performing teams in nearly 20 countries, creating more than 70 millionaires.

Recently, Nick launched Catalyst Group, a national sales accelerator focused on the renewable energy sector via residential and commercial solar. His effort to make the world a cleaner, safer place to live for future generations has been a growing success with Catalyst Solar.


Nick still passionately supports international team building for Pruvit Global and NextGen Entrepreneurs, a non-profit organization he founded in 2012.

Meet Our Professionals


 Together we pledge to keep you protected and help you start saving with solar solutions.

Adam Gonzales

Solar Advisor

Brandon Vidal

Solar Advisor

Evan J. Sondey

Director of Sales Development

Jared Foster

Solar Advisor

Jessica Vidal

Solar Advisor

Michael Dobson

Solar Advisor

Michael Turnquest

Director of Sales Operations and Education

Stephen Van Wormer

Solar Advisor

Team Vidal

Solar Advisor

Tim Hale

Solar Advisor