About Our Social Impact

Here at Catalyst Solar, we believe in helping the community move towards sustainable living as much as possible.

We give back in any way we can through several charities and nonprofits whose causes range from defending our ecosystem, cleaning our environment, and hurricane relief to fighting hunger, supporting children and families, mentoring youth, and collecting various donations.

Take a look at some of the social impact we’ve created through volunteering and donating. 

Corporate Giving & Sponsorships


We work with NextGen to foster entrepreneurship through mentorship, scholarships and seed capital to help young people realize their entrepreneurial dreams. 

Little LightHouse Foundation

Catalyst Solar is proud to donate and volunteer at the Little Lighthouse Foundation to help children and families in need. We also participate in tree planting to help deal with the overwhelming amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Social Impact Gallery

Every month, our tribe participates in a selfless act whether its giving our time and power, financial contributions, or donating goods. This year we have partnered with or supported several nonprofit organizations including NextGen, Little Lighthouse Foundation, Miami Rescue Mission, Cajun Navy Ground Force, Move 4 Hunger, Feeding America, Miami-Dade County Parks, and The Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative.

Inspiring Others through Social Media