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What Makes Us Different?


In a world of annoying door-knockers, who likely have never owned a home and pushy salespeople trying to constantly “close” you… Catalyst vows to be different.

As America’s first boutique solar firm, we have united talented professionals from each of the greatest industries, who have a true passion to educate and serve.

Our commitment is to take the time to connect with you, educate you, and provide concierge-level service.

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Who is Catalyst Solar?

Catalyst is the leading Sales Accelerator created for top performers by top performers. We are an incubator of influence, leadership, and entrepreneurship.
Our Core Values

The 7 Catalyst Values


Customers First

Customers, Employees, Vendors – We strive to improve people’s lives.


We seek the simplest, most environment friendly solutions.


We constantly strive to innovate the way solar is made available to consumers.

Our Work Process


All functions including supply chain, value chain, project scheduling, manufacturing, services and spares, technology, R&D, etc. are integrated to give a complete solutions package.


Project Planing

Catalyst Solar starts by assessing your needs, the current property size, average yearly electric consumption and so much more to ensure the best service is provided and the ideal system is installed for your home.

Research & Analysis

The next stage takes a granular dive into the metrics and data for your home and begin reviewing and optimizing installation systems and the required facets to bring the very best.

Make it Happen

Massive action. From our blueprints to your home, our dedication and certified installation team will quickly and effective make your property into an eco-friendly, socially responsible solar powered home.

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Some Questions

Common Solar Questions...

We pride ourselves on educating our customers, not “handling objections” by clever sales people. What questions do you have and how can we support you?

Utility companies have and continue to increase your bill by 5-15% per year. For most Americans, this accounts for between $50-$100k in increased cost over the next 10 years. You will save money from day one with solar, and you will save more and more money each year in the long run as your utility company increases your prices.

The solar industry is expanding tremendously, whether you're in the residential, commercial, or even the utility segment. And it's only going to increase further.

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If it costs less for clean energy than dirty energy, which one would you choose? Coal and Gas to power your house, or the Sun, which one would you choose?

Solar energy has many benefits. Here are five reasons why you should go solar today.

#1. Going solar saves you money.

#2. Solar energy is good for the environment.

#3. Solar supports your local economy.

#4. Going solar means energy independence.

#5. Solar will increase your property value.

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There are three major types of solar incentives you should be aware of when buying your solar panel system: tax credits, rebates, and performance-based incentives (or PBIs). Let’s take a look at how each helps you go solar!

#1. Tax credits

#2. Rebates

#3. Performance Based Incentives (or PBIs)

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