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Rebates, tax credits and other solar incentives available

Solar Incentives in California

California’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS) was recently revamped to require utilities to derive 50% of their energy from renewable sources by 2030.

Many upfront utility-based incentives that were established under the California Solar Initiative are now exhausted for residential customers and are nearly exhausted for commercial customers. However, the case for investing in solar has never been stronger due to reductions in the price of solar systems helping to compensate for the lack of some upfront rebates.

Net Metering in California (3.0)

Since 1996, utility companies in California have been required by the California Public Utilities Commission to offer full 1-to-1 net metering (NEM) to their customers. This means that utilities are required to give you the full retail value for each unit of solar power you personally generate and send back into the grid.
In 2016, California instituted NEM 2.0. NEM 2.0 brought three main changes to the previous NEM policy, with 3.0 changing the landscape even further.

Tax Exemptions

California offers two tax exemptions for solar systems: a sales tax exemption and a property tax abatement. Under the Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemption, solar energy systems are exempt from California’s sales tax and use tax.
This means your neighbor will receive a credit that equals 81% of the retail price of electricity for each excess kWh of energy he exports to the utility’s grid. He will receive that rate for 20 years.

Property Tax Exemption

California homeowners can now save on their property taxes with the installation of residential solar systems.
Usually, having a solar system on your property would increase your property taxes, however The Property Tax Exclusion for Solar Energy Systems exempts 100% of the assessed value of a solar system from residential property taxes.

Solar Incentives

The cost of solar energy has gone down over 70% since 2010. Because of this, solar panels became the most popular new energy technology in the country by 2016. So, should you consider making the switch?

26% Tax Credit

Reduce Electric Bills

Increase Property Value

Generate Clean Energy

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